CAS 5875-06-9 Top Quality Local Anesthetic Drug 99% Proparacaine hydrochloride 

Product Description
High Purity Local Anesthetic Proparacaine Hydrochloride/Proparacaine HCl 637-58-1

CAS 5875-06-9 Top Quality Local Anesthetic Drug 99% Proparacaine hydrochloride


Proparacaine HCl is a local-Anesthesia, which is  indicated to produce local anesthesia of short duration for ophthalmic procedures including measurement of intraocular pressure, removal of foreign bodies and sutures, and conjunctival and corneal scraping in diagnosis and gonioscopy.

Quick Details:

Product Name Proparacaine HCl
CAS 5875-06-9
Assay 99%
Appearance White crystalline powder
Packing 1kg net/foil bag, 5kg/drum.
Standard Enterprise Standard
Storage Shading , Confined Preservation
Usage Local anesthetic.
Molecular Fomular C16H27ClN2O3
Molecular Weight 330.85


Product name Proparacaine HCl Batch No 14070201
Mfg. date 2014-07-02 Exp. date 2016 07 01
Tests Specifications Results
Characters White to light yellow crystalline powder Yellowish crystalline powder
Should dissolved in water, warm ethanol and methanol, insoluble in ether and benzene, the solution is neutral to litmus Complies
Identification It should be Nitrogen base reaction Complies
By UV absorption, To match with working standard Complies
should display the reaction of chloride differentiated Complies
Melting point 178ºC-185ºC 180.3-182.1ºC
Loss on drying ≤0.5% 0.14%
Residual on ignition ≤0.15% 0.03%
Related Substances If the impurities are detected, then the total amount of the impurities should be not more than 2.0%. Complies
Residual solvents DMF≤0.088% Not detected
Ethanol Not detected
Acetone Not detected
Methanol Not detected
Assay    97.0%~103.0% 99.67%
Conclusion:Conforms to USP35.

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