Buy Vinpocetine for Cognition Improvement Aniracetam

Acclaim for vinpocetine’s use is widespread throughout the world – in Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and elsewhere. Unequivocally, vinpocetine has some extraordinary characteristics. There is strong evidence that vinpocetine can help:

Improve Cognition

Improve memory, long- and short-term
Enhance alertness, awareness, and preparedness
Act as a neuroprotector
Prevent or reverse ischemic (lack of oxygen) damage to brain, muscle, liver, and elsewhere
Diminish senile cerebral dysfunction
Improve Hearing Function
Prevent or relieve hearing loss due to various causes
Prevent or relieve tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in the ears)
Prevent or relieve vertigo (dizziness)
Improve Visual Function
Improve night vision
Improve wound healing of eyes due to burns
Prevent or relieve glaucoma
Prevent or improve age-related macular decline
Improve Cardiovascular Function
Diminish atherosclerotic plaque
Improve cardiac output and nutritive blood flow to various organs
Improve dilation of blood vessels
Increase the flexibility of red blood cells
Scavenge toxic metals in the body, such as aluminum and lead

Quick Detail for Vinpocetine

Product Name: Vinpocetine



Powder:White Powder

Package:1kg/foil bag

Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade


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