Buy Vincamine for Nootropic Supplement

Vincamine is a natural nootropic supplement that is classified as a peripheral Tetrahydrozoline HClvasodilator. This means that it is capable of increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain.

Effects of using Vincamine are reported to include increased mental energy, clarity of thought, intellectual processing and heightened alertness.

Although there are also a number of generic alternatives, depending on your location and country. Most of the more common formulations are of the sustained release forms.

Vincamine is also considered to be an indole alkaloid, which are common components of fragrances and the precursors to many types of pharmaceuticals.

It is found naturally occurring in the leaves of the Vinca minor or Periwingkle plant and comprises approximately 50% of all the indole alkaloids found within this plant, according to weight. The supplement is also found in the species Catharanthus roseus.

It was first extracted in industrial quantities in 1955 by a team of scientists investigating agents that had vasoactive properties. Nowadays, most nootropic users will take Vinpocetine which is a purified version of Vincamine instead. Vinpocetine gives you all of the same benefits of Vincamine at a greater potency and with a smaller recommended dosage.

Quick Detail for Vincamine

Product Name: Vincamine

CAS: 1617-90-9

Purity: 99.5%

Appearance:White Powder

Package:1kg/foil bag


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