Buy Inositol sulbutiamine 2

Inositol is a psuedovitamin that is used as a brain supplement for enhancing the mood and energy levels. It is similar structurally to the B-family of vitamins, and is sometimes even called vitamin B8 (although it is not technically a vitamin).

This natural nootropic compound is found in a number of foods such as grains, nuts, beans, and fruits. It is also produced by the human body and was originally discovered as a component of human spinal fluid.

The kidneys make about another 2 grams. It is believed that there are a number of brain benefits from taking Inositol supplements, including improved mood, more focus, and better thought processing.

This naturally occurring chemical is also implicated in many other physiological functions and plays a vital role in the firing of your neurons. People have used it for depression, anxiety, OCD, and boosting mental productivity.

This article will provide an in-depth review of what Inositol is, how it works in the body, the range of benefits delivered, as well as dosage, usage, and side effect information.


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