Sulbutiamine Powder sulbutiamine 2.jpg

The specific effect that sulbutiamine has on dopamine levels in the human brain is a source of ongoing scientific and medical research. It seems that sulbutiamine stimulates the ability of users to focus their concentration on specific tasks, while simultaneously enhancing their ability to perceive and react productively to events that are occurring around them. For this reason, many users have reported that sulbutiamine is an excellent study aid.

Sulbutiamine has also been shown, at least anecdotally, to have a positive effect on a user’s general mood, particularly when it comes to reducing anxiety. Again, this is due to the ability of sulbutiamine to stimulate the levels of dopamine in the brain. It seems that the increased ability to focus and concentrate on one’s tasks and general surroundings leads naturally to an improvement in mood.

Sulbutiamine Basic Info    Sulbutiamine.png


CAS:3286-46-2 purity:98%

appearance:white crystalline powder purity:98%min



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