Prilocaine HCl

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The hydrochloride salt form of prilocaine, an intermediate-acting local anesthetic of the amide type chemically related to lidocaine. Prilocaine hydrochloride binds to voltage-gated sodium ion channels in the neuronal membrane, thereby preventing the permeability of sodium ions. This leads to a stabilization of the neuronal membrane and inhibits depolarization and results in a reversible blockage of nerve impulse generation and propagation along nerve fibres and subsequent reversible loss of sensation.

Prilocaine Hydrochloride, USP is a local anesthetic that is often used in dentistry. Prilocaine HCl is part of the amide family, it is used for nerve blocking, epidural, and regional anesthesia. The USP grade indicates it is graded suitable for personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Prilocaine hydrochloride is a local anesthetic that is similar pharmacologically to LIDOCAINE. Currently, it is used most often for infiltration anesthesia in dentistry.

Prilocaine Hydrochloride Injection, USP, 4% is a sterile, non pyrogenic isotonic solution that contains a local anesthetic agent and is administered parenterally by injection.

Prilocaine HCl Basic Info

product name :Prilocaine hydrochloride / Prilocaine HCl
CAS: 1786-81-8
English name: Propitocaine hydrochloride
Other name: Prilocaine hydrochloride; 2 – propylamine base – o C amide toluene hydrochloride; Prilocaine hydrochloride; Prilocaine hydrochloride
Molecular formula: C13H21ClN2O
EINECS: 217-244-0
Molecular Weight: 256.7716


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