Benzocaine HCl

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1. Benzocaine hydrochloride is an anaesthetic drug, mostly used for application direct to the skin. Benzocaine HCl is a salt modification of benzocaine, formed when benzocaine is complexed with hydrochloric acid.

Often, drug salts have enhanced properties compared with the parent compound. For example, benzocaine hydrochloride is more water soluble than benzocaine, making it more appropriate for oral administration.

2. There are quite a few different uses for Benzocaine hydrochloride , these include :
(1) As an ingredient in cough syrups

(2) To treat cold sores
(3) To treat toothache
(4) To treat irritation from dentures
(5) To treat earache
(6) As a surgical local anesthetic
(7) In condoms used to delay ejaculation
(8) To tranquilize Fish

3. Benzocaine hydrochloride is the main local anesthesia for pain experienced in the gums, teeth and also for relieving sore throat. Apart from treating oral irritations it is also used to treat otic pain i.e. pain experienced in the ear.

Moreover it is incorporated in certain surgical procedures as a local anesthesia. It comes prepared in a variety of ways such as gel, aerosol and paste for otic purposes.

Benzocaine spray used to relieve pain in the throat and lining of the mouth is not applicable to children under the age of two unless prescribed by a doctor.

Benzocaine HCl Info

Name: Benzocaine hydrochloride
BENZOCAINE HCL; ethyl 4-aminobenzoate hydrochloride
Benzocaine hydrochloride Appearance:White crystal powder
Benzocaine hydrochloride CAS: 23239-88-5
Benzocaine hydrochloride MF: C9h11no2.HCl
Benzocaine hydrochloride MW: 201.65
Benzocaine hydrochloride Assay: 99%
Benzocaine hydrochloride Content: 99-101%
Benzocaine hydrochloride Melting point: greater than 208 degrees
Benzocaine hydrochloride Standard: USP26
Benzocaine hydrochloride Loss on drying: ≤0.5%
Benzocaine hydrochloride Residue on ignition: ≤0.1%
Benzocaine hydrochloride Heavy metals: ≤ 10ppm
Benzocaine hydrochloride use: For cosmetic UV absorption, local anesthetics, for the wound, ulcers and hemorrhoids analgesic


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