Articaine HCl

Local Anesthesia Powders Articaine HClAarticaine HCl.jpg

Articaine HCL is a dental local anesthetic. It is the most widely used local anesthetic in many European countries and can be used in many countries around the world. The amide structure of aldicaine is similar to that of other local anesthetics, but its molecular structure differs depending on the presence of the thiophene ring rather than the benzene ring. Atacaine is special because it contains additional ester groups that are metabolized by the esterase in the blood and tissue.

Articaine HCl Basic Info

Product Name:Articaine Hcl

Alias:Articaine Hydrochloride;Articaine HCl; Articaine hydrochloride; Carticaine hydrochloride; HOE 045; HOE 40045; Methyl 4-methyl-3-(2-(propylamino)propionamido)-2-thiophenecarboxylate, monohydrochloride; Septanest; Septocaine; UNII-QS9014Q792; Ultracain; Ultracaine;


Grade Standard:USP/BP
Export Markets:Global
Trademark:Articaine Hydrochloride
Packing:Different Kinds of Special Packing Methods.
HS Code:29379000
Production Capacity:800 kg /Month

Local Anesthetic Drug 99% Pain Skiller 23964-57-0 Articaine HCl Aarticaine Hydrochloride Power

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Articaine Hydrochloride Specification (Articaine HCl COA)

Articaine Hydrochloride Specification.jpg

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